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Russell Brooks

Public Affairs Officer, US Consulate, Lagos.

Lanre Arogundade

Director, International Press Centre, Lagos.

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About us

OPENNAIJA.COM is a project of Rave 91.7 FM Foundation founded on the basis of offering instrumental value to its target population as a catalyst for other developmental changes.

It derives motivation from this quote of Woodrow Wilson, the 28th U.S. President "You are not here to merely make a living. You are here in order to enable the world live more amply, with greater vision, with finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand." is focused on enriching the world of its target community.

To achieve inclusive National Development, people across social strata must have a voice in policy formulation and execution process.

This is a sacred role that the media must perform without bias against the ordinary people or fixation on the Urban elite. is specifically geared towards opening media access to disadvantaged groups, with a view to affording them opportunities to better articulate their development priorities for input in local, state and national development processes as well as enhancing their political relevance. In a democracy, numbers determine winners in elections. However, while the masses of the people provide the numbers, they have not attained commensurate positions in the governance architecture. The situation is somewhat akin to a people good to prepare the meals but not good enough to be at the dining table. believes in the dictum, information is power and this predisposes it to place premium on information outreach among the people to educate them on issues which impact their lives and strategies of creating awareness of their needs and aspirations with the power elite. With time, it is envisaged that such information-empowered target communities will acquire enough understanding of how the system works with a view to maximally benefit thereof.

Agenda is primarily focused on communities in Nigeria to maximize its impact. Trade groups, farmers, artisans, market people, town unions, traditional institutions, professional associations are part of target populations of focus. Tools of outreach campaign include jingles on radio, flyers, sponsored programmes on radio and television, group discussions, rallies, advocacy visits, interactive forums and media network building. Activities, needs of these various groups are to be coordinated, articulated and projected in the media for attention of policy makers as inputs in the development process backed by advocacy lobbying of relevant policy stakeholders for adoption and implementation. will generate media content from mobilization of its target groups.

The media is particularly significant to as it serves as a transmission belt for bringing the views of the people into the public sphere for the attention of governing authorities while also being an interactive feedback platform.

Our Operational Modality is borne out of the desire to be part of the solution to the many existential problems ravaging Nigeria.

Media Access for Artisans

As a concerned Nigerian, I believe just railing against a system that alienates a significant majority of its population without commensurate action is a negativism that is unhelpful.


Media Access for Trade Groups

Labour activism entrenches fundamental human rights of workers and gives them a voice. Adequate media access will protect workers interests against labour abuses from the lowest rung of the ladder to the top.


Media Access for Town Unions

The village square has always served as an assembly of people for democratic governance. The media can harvest communally generated ideas for solving communal problems by giving them access.


Media Access for Farmers

To guarantee national food security and acheive economic empowerment, farmers in the remotest places in Nigeria deserve media access to speak on agricultural problems and possible solutions.


Media Access for the Youths

The creative energy of any society is the youth population. They are the lynchpin of any society. Media access will bring their huge potentials to the fore and give them a sense of belonging.


Process seeks to make a positive difference in the rather debilitating condition of marginalized Nigerians, however modest, through collaboration with development partners who share the goal of integrating marginalized people into economic and political mainstream and uplifting millions of people marooned in poverty and disease into better living conditions.


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Our Vision & Mission Statement

Vision Statement

The vision of is the attainment of greater masses. integration into public governance structures as active participants to enhance their social, economic and political rights in furtherance of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Vision Statement

The vision of is for an egalitarian society where the under reported, under involved and under appreciated masses achieve greater visibility in public discourse and projection that places them in a better position to be fully integrated into the mainstream of public governance with a view to enhancing their social, economic and political rights.

Mission Statement

The mission of is to engage in activities geared at giving voice to the largely neglected masses of the people through outreach progammes, including media advocacy, that keep them better informed about economic and political developments and opportunities which impact their lives with a view to enhancing the living conditions of the masses in targeted localities.

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A multi-disciplinary, multi-media approach is considered best in actualizing the vision and mission of so as to be able to creatively and proactively address matters and issues of concern to the people in a pragmatic fashion. An integral part of this is need-based research of the priorities of target communities to create both harmony and synergy of purpose so as not to fall into the trap of thinking for the people. In this regard, focus group discussions, interviews and surveys are tools deployable to ascertain the preferences and priorities of communities.

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The United States of America has charged Nigerian Journalists on indepth reportage and imbibe professionalism in the discharge of their duties.

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26 Dec

US charges Journalists on indepth reportage - TVC News

The United States of America has said unrestricted press is an essential condition for a strong and responsive democracy.
The US also described Nigeria’s media space as one of the liveliest in Africa, but urged the practitioners not to forget in their reports the plights of residents of urban slums and rural areas.

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26 Dec

Unfettered press essential for strengthening democracy – US

I will strongly condemn any person, anywhere, who uses his position to seek sexual gratification.

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15 Oct

BBC’s crafty ‘sex-for-grade’ expo

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibadan Zonal Office, on Monday raided a nightclub in Osogbo, Osun State, arresting 94 suspected internet fraudsters.
The anti-corruption body also recovered 19 exotic cars, laptops, scores of mobile phones and other items from the suspects.

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15 Oct

EFCC knocked over arrest of 94 Osun nightclubbers

Femi Adefila Ordinary People Also Deserve Access to Media (Saturday Interview)
Femi Adefila, CEO, Rave 91.7 FM, Osogbo, Osun State and Convener, speaks to Olaoluwakitan Babatunde on the philosophy and objectives of

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10 August

Femi Adefila Ordinary People Also Deserve Access to Media (Saturday Interview)

In your view, how does this present arrangement affect the ordinary people?
We should not lose sight of the fact that the media is a critical institution in any modern society. The elite know the value of the media that’s why they always strive to maintain control. The agenda setting strength of the media gives it ample control of how we behave, how we think, what we believe, what we don’t believe, what we accept and what we don’t accept.

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11 August

Why Ordinary People Deserve Media Access —Adefila-

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